Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be wireless and hands-free in minutes… Setting up your Plantronics CS Series Headset Unplug the coiled receiver cord from your phone base detach the handset from the jack at the base end of your phone. Plug the flat black connector cord that is already plugged into your Plantronics CS Headset System base into the jack where you just unplugged your telephone handset. The jack is located below the headset base facing forward, allowing you to easily answer and end the phone without use of the headset. If you’ve tried the above without success, please call our Headset Advisors at We will happily help you get it working. How your caller hears you: A is the quietest, D is the loudest. How you hear the caller: Incoming Speaker Volume The master control for this is the or switch located on the back of the charge base.

Mitel 5330, 5340 and Wireless Headsets compatibility – Plantronics, Jabra, VXI

Plantronics M70 Bluetooth Headset Pairing with a Different Phone If your headset was paired with the iPhone and it is not paired anymore, you can pair it again. Also, if your headset was initially paired with any other phone and now you need to pair it with your iPhone, You can do that too. The process is quite simple, and all you need to do is to follow the steps given below. After you have put it on, you need to turn the headset on.

After you hear that, let go of the button. After that is done, search for new device around you.

On the bottom of the Plantronics CS50 or Plantronics CS55 base unit there are 2 ports. One has an icon of a “Handset” and one has the icon of a “telephone”. Unplug the “Handset” from the base of your existing telephone and plug it into the Plantronics CS50 base unit where it has the icon of the “Handset”.

Back to search results If you don’t have a headset, microphone or speakers, you can still use Skype to send and receive instant messages. However, to make and receive calls with Skype, you need either a headset with a microphone, or a microphone and speakers. Identifying the type of plug on your device Speakers, microphones and headsets have one of two types of plug: Mini jack plugs Look like typical headphone plugs. You’ll have two plugs which have corresponding ports on your computer.

Mini jacks come in different styles. They might be color coded with one pink for the microphone and one green for the headset, or have symbols showing a microphone and headphone. USB plugs Look flat and rectangular. USB headsets, speakers and microphones only have one plug each. Most computers have at least two matching USB ports that are same shape as the plug.

How do I connect my microphone, speakers, or headset? Insert the pink plug or the plug with the microphone symbol into the port on your computer with the matching color or symbol.

Headsets & UC Devices

We hope that this review will not only be helpful for those looking to purchase a headset but also for those who already own this particular model and would like to get more out of the experience. The UC in the name stands for Unified Communications. For this version of the Voyager Legend, the UC designation means that it is intended to work seamlessly across many types of communication devices and formats, such as Bluetooth-enabled landlines, cell phones, VoIP, softphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, etc… Officially there are two models that go by the Voyager Legend UC name.

Topnotch BT wireless headset, possibly the best: Customizable ear-hook or in-ear (left or right) wearing style is comfortable all-day & secure. Slide-out/in instant .

BlockedUnblock FollowFollowing I create things. I do radio voice work. I love audio and design. The LS model is targeted at PS4 players. In fact, in some areas, it edges out the excellent Arctis 7. The RIG LX has a shiny metallic-colored finish to the ear cups that some folks might not enjoy, but I think it looks okay. Each version comes with a wireless receiver, a USB charge cable, 4 built-in EQ modes, and some manuals. That said, this model does use the trademark modular design of other RIG headsets, and its headband is still inter-compatible with most other RIG products.

The receiver is super light and has a short USB cable attached. When hooked up to a PS4, it shows up as a USB headset and it fully functions…but the dials on the back of the headset do nothing. The LS version of the headset has PS4 specific drivers and a dedicated optical input on the back.

Plantronics CS540 Wireless Convertible DECT Headset

Most laptop computers come with Bluetooth built in to the system as well as most cell phones. The Bluetooth device allows your iPad to connect with any Bluetooth compatible device such as keyboard or mouse, cell phone, digital camera, printer, headset etc. Bluetooth technology is for short range use therefore 33 feet is the maximum distance two Bluetooth devices should be apart from each other. Configuring and connecting any two Bluetooth devices is very simple and can be broken into two distinct phases: Bluetooth devices only broadcast their availability when you want them to.

For privacy and functionality, many Bluetooth devices need to be paired with another device before the connection is established.

Programming a headset button on a Mitel SuperSet , phone: If you have a Mitel SuperSet o4 SuperSet phone and you’re trying to connect a headset to it and having not luck, the answer is that you have to use your SuperKey to set up a softkey to be your headset button.

A typical phone headset has two 3. There are also USB headsets on the market that act as separate audio devices, allowing you to use your normal sound card and speakers at the same time. Connecting a Standard Telephone Headset 1. Connect the headphone cable to the correct port in the back or front of your computer. They are usually color-coded — the green cable is for the headphones and connects to the green socket in your computer’s sound card.

Note that many newer desktop computers have headset ports in the front of the case. On most laptop computers, the port is located on the side. Connect the microphone cable usually color-coded pink to the corresponding port on either the back or front of the computer. On most laptop computers, this port is also located on the side. Right-click on the sound icon in the system tray and click “Playback devices.

Close any telecommunications applications which you currently have open, such as Skype and Windows Live Messenger.

How to Reset My Plantronics

Feb 4, , 6: Hi I would like to connect two bluetooth headset or even one bluetooth headset and another wired headset to the same mobile phone or tablet or computer so that two or more people can listen the same song or same audio file at the same time. I think the first mobile manufacturer that comes up with this solution and even add more featuers to it like for example the two persons connected can talk to each other while listening to the same song will make a fortune.

I bet Nokia will do it first on their Lumian What do you think guys? Please note that some BT speakers work better with others I.

Plantronics APP-5 Hook Switch Control: The APP-5 transforms your Polycom Unified IP phone experience through remote answer/end and ring alert. Seamlessly connect your Polycom unified IP phone with all Plantronics professional wireless headset systems, including the CS product family and the Plantronics Voyager S professional bluetooth headset system.

Mon, Oct 13, at 3: If an analog headset is connected and in use, glows green. If you use a headset, you can set up your phone so that all calls use your headset. If you use a headset that supports electronic hookswitch EHS , you can press the hookswitch button to place, answer, and end calls. In addition, you may be able to mute calls and control volume from your headset. Enabling Headset Memory Mode This feature is useful for permanent or full-time headset users.

You can set up your phone so that all incoming and outgoing calls use your headset. At any time, you can switch to handset or speakerphone mode. To enable Headset Memory Mode: From the Headset Memory Mode screen, select Enabled.

Bluetooth® Discovery Mode – DROID TURBO by Motorola

More Detail The OfficeRunner is our most popular, highest-rated and bestselling headset. With the OfficeRunner, you’ll be able to talk comfortably up to feet away from your phone. Plus, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your voice is coming through clearly to your callers thanks to the built-in noise-canceling microphone. The OfficeRunner is backed by our compatibility guarantee.

Also, this is our only wireless headset that includes a 3-year warranty. The OfficeRunner is built to last, and we’ll stand by it every step of the way.

The Plantronics Voyager Legend UC Bluetooth Headset is a serious contender as the ultimate work or office communication controller. It is designed to automatically .

A bright silver strip in the middle highlights the pink or gray faceplate. The curves and color combo make the headset look elegant. The large and comfy ear hook mounted on the back of the headset can work for either ear. You will find a charging jack below the earhook mount and the mic at the tip of the headset boom. The charging jack looks like it can use chargers for other Plantronics headsets such as the Discovery series and the Plantronics Pulsar series, but the output is slightly different: We paired it with quite a few phones and the Bluetooth headset paired with every phone with ease.

Press the call control button the only button on the headset while the headset is turned off and hold it until the LED flashes red and blue alternately. Voice Quality and Range The voice quality of the Explorer was very good on all phones we tested it with. Both incoming and outgoing calls are clear and loud. Phone features and voice dialing over Bluetooth headset work as claimed.

We’re sorry, the product you are looking for is no longer available.

Under the GameCom brand Plantronics have been building a solid product range of headsets aimed very squarely at gamers. Today we will be looking at the latest addition to the GameCom range, the Commander. Packaging and Bundle The GameCom Commander is supplied in a large plain box with no product information or imagery on it. This may seem unusual for a headset; however we must remember that this is a high end limited edition model so the packaging provided is very stylised.

Feb 04,  · Bluetooth® – If you own a wireless Bluetooth headset or BlackBerry® Visor Mount Speakerphone, you can set it up by selecting the Bluetooth option. Always refer to the user guide for the Bluetooth accessory you plan on using so you can identify .

Show all Can you connect two hardwired USB headsets? This question continues to come up again and again. Can you connect two hardwired USB headsets to some sort of splitter for training purposes? As more and more companies adopt new voice technologies that include softphones there has been a shift from traditional QD headsets to hardwired or wireless USB headsets. The shift from desk phone to softphone does not eradicate the need to train. I recently visited a small credit union call center.

Fortunately for them, they were using Jabra PRO wireless headsets across the floor.

Plantronics CS540 Wireless Headset Package for Avaya Telephones

It’s made of matte black plastic, with a shiny blue accent ring that runs along the perimeter. The clear, plastic ear hook is the same shade of blue. There’s a power switch on one side, a volume control button on the other, and the headset’s body works as the Call button. The headset is an on-ear design, which means the rubber ear tip rests on your ear rather than in your ear canal. There are no alternative ear tips or hooks in different sizes in the package.

The Plantronics CS Wireless Headset adds one-touch wireless operation to your Avaya digital or IP phone.

From there you can customize the following audio and video settings: Camera – Select a different camera if you have one connected. This feature is only available in Skype version 8 on Windows, Mac and Linux. Microphone – Select a different microphone device if you have one connected. Automatically adjust microphone settings – With this toggled on, your volume will be set automatically. When you toggle this off, you can adjust your microphone volume manually.

Speakers – Select a different speaker if you have one connected. Speaker volume – Adjust your speaker sound volume. Test audio – Select this to test your current speaker volume. Unmute for incoming calls – Choose whether you want your incoming calls muted or unmuted by toggling this On or Off. Ring on additional device – You can set Skype incoming calls to ring on multiple audio devices if you have, for example, both a headset and speaker connected.

Make a free test call – You can use this feature to check that your sound and microphone are working properly in Skype.

Plantronics CS60 Headset Set Up

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