Camera Speed Dating – Canon Rangefinder Double Date

Camera Speed Dating – Canon Rangefinder Double Date

In addition to some basic information on each Speedlight, I will provide a comparison chart on the bottom of this article as well, to make it simpler for our readers to understand the differences. Certainly more powerful than the on-camera pop-up flash, the SB flash head can only be tilted upwards up to degrees for bouncing light. Unlike all other Nikon speedlights, the SB cannot rotate from left to right and vice versa, limiting options for bouncing light off various lighting accessories. It is very similar to the SB , except it only allows the head to be tilted 90 degrees upwards which is pretty limiting. Just like the SB , it cannot rotate side to side either, making it impossible to bounce the light off walls and other vertical surfaces, unless the camera is positioned in a vertical orientation. The SB has a faster recycle time than the SB , lasts longer and is slightly larger in size. The Nikon SB has been discontinued, so your only option is to buy it used. With a guide number of 24m, it might not be as powerful as the higher-end speedlights, but it is still a pretty capable flash that can be used as a commander to trigger other flashes, or as a slave. Due to its limited power source comprising of 2 AA size batteries, the recycling time is quite poor at 3. Not a bad flash to get into flash photography with and could be fairly useful as a slave in combination with the camera pop-up flash operating as a master.

A Guide to Russian & Soviet / Former Soviet Cameras

The switching, sampling, leaking, updating phenomena are no different than dating different women or men: Camera Web sites are like dating advice sites only possibly more contentious. Those of you who move from system to system are basically promiscuous. Of course my tongue is firmly in cheek once again.

Nikon is releasing a pair of digital cameras with built-in wifi. The cameras will only send photos via wifi to a designated Nikon application, but I wonder how long it will be before someone hacks the firmware to send those photos anywhere like to Flickr on the fly.

That whole agenda came to an end in the early s with the arrival of autofocus systems that were able to actually focus faster than us humans. Where new technology started a chain reaction that changed the face of photography forever. Until the appearance of mirrorless cameras that is. That means one thing: Feed your spirit with the following thoughts to learn how manual focusing can make you a better photographer. Sometimes you might choose to use only one central focusing point, lock it on your subject and then recompose your frame.

That way you are still doing some of the work yourself, but you do it by pressing a button rather turning a ring with your left hand. Pressing a button or half-pressing the shutter, in most cases is a very different connection between your hand and the machine than turning a ring with your left hand.

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August 20, Full Review: The Canon 40D has arrived. Some updates that appear on the 40D are a little late, others are a sign of the times.

Nikon has provided a number of crop options to increase the speed of the camera, decrease file size and magnify the image by reducing the field of view. In x crop mode, image resolution is reduced to MP, but the speed of the camera is increased by 1 fps to 6 fps, which is nice.

Over the next sixty years, this growing company became a manufacturer of optical lenses including those for the first Canon cameras and equipment used in cameras, binoculars, microscopes and inspection equipment. During World War II the company operated thirty factories with 2, employees, manufacturing binoculars, lenses, bomb sights, and periscopes for the Japanese military. In , the first Nikon-branded camera was released, the Nikon I.

Duncan was working in Tokyo when the Korean War began. This would cause some early problems in Germany as Zeiss complained that Nikon violated its trademarked camera. From to the Nikon F in particular was therefore labeled ‘ Nikkor ‘.

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It lacks the video capture feature and flexible LCD available on the more robust D , but still has dust control and the point autofocus. A “guide” mode makes changing camera settings easier for beginners. Movie enthusiasts will be happy to hear two things:

Rangefinder cameras. From left: Nikon S, Nikon M & Nikon I Introduction Nikon I. Looking askance at cameras produced by Canon, Leitz and Contax, Nikon introduced early its first rangefinder camera: the Nikon Camera, nowadays known as Nikon I.

The telescope, complete with the original wood packing crates for the optical tube assembly and German Mount Head, arrived on 18 August from a collector in Belgium. After nearly four weeks of work we completed our illustrated article explaining these telescopes, and now this 4 inch telescope joins our other Unitron telescopes at our on-line virtual museum.

The article Unitron Model – 4. Click on image to see enlarged view 64, bytes In time we hope to add some optional accessories for the 4 inch telescope including the Unitron mechanical clock drive, a weight-driven motor based on the mechanics of a clock but geared to rotate the telescope Right Ascension axis about once every 24 hours. We already have some offers of help to add some other hard-to-find accessories for this telescope, these will be acquired over time for our exhibits. While many other people no doubt have accumulated extensive collections of telescopes, including Unitron and Polarex, we know of no where else where the public is welcome to visit and can be so impressed by the presence of those telescopes that helped to stimulate interest at the beginning of the space age as at Company Seven.

Each article we host about Unitron telescopes already in our display explains the history of these telescopes and of Nihon Seiko Kenkyusho, Ltd. We expanded our introductory index page of our Unitron section to explain how these telescopes were marketed around much of the world under the various trademarks:

EOS-1D X Mark II

It may be expensive, but if you’re looking for the best camera money can buy right now, then Nikon’s fabulous D DSLR pretty much ticks every box. Packing in a brilliant But that’s just half the story. Thanks to a sophisticated point AF system and 9fps burst shooting speed, the D is just a home shooting action and wildlife as it is landscapes and portraits.

The Nikon D is perhaps the most well-rounded camera we’ve ever tested. Sony’s growing range of mirrorless full-frame cameras offer a great alternative.

The Nikon D has superb quality /60p, likely better than the 80D, along with Nikon’s excellent flat image profile. It’s $ and I am very impressed with mine, in that it fits perfectly with the images delivered by much more expensive cameras in my collection when delivering p.

It used to be that they grappled primarily with the electronics powerhouse Sony on the consumer side, but that’s changed to the massive electronics manufacturer, Panasonic, a company whose digital cameras are in such high demand that people are paying full price and more for cameras like the LX3, TS1, and ZS3, even a year after their introduction.

But that’s good news for us, the consumer, because Canon’s also a massive company capable of turning on a dime to introduce an array of cameras to answer any challenge, giving us more choices. The PowerShot G11 should by no means detract from the Canon PowerShot S90, a camera whose features read like a laundry list of demands from technology editors like myself, cleanly wrapped into a small, pocketable format.

The S designation marks the return of the semi-pro moniker, last used by the S5 IS, but more importantly by the S40 through S80, very popular cameras among enthusiasts in their day. More remarkable than that, though, is that Canon, the digital camera marketplace leader, is the first to take a step back in the megapixel race with both the G11 and Canon S Last year’s G10 had a megapixel sensor, and most of Canon’s pocket cameras have megapixels.

I don’t think so.

Profoto A1 Review

So why would anyone want to buy a used Nikon D ? The main reason or only reason is the cost difference. What do you get when you buy a used Nikon D ? Let me make it perfectly clear…. Some people think used stuff is garbage.

A Guide to Russian & Soviet / Former Soviet Cameras. by Cameron Knight 18 Jan Japan has Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony and Olympus. If you’re a photographer, you know these brands. You probably own cameras and lenses made by one or more of these companies. But there is a dark horse in the camera world, Russian and former Soviet countries.

Five cameras has since then been launched in this series. The last camera to have been launched was the Nikon D which came out in and replaced the Nikon D In terms of features and spec, the D is almost identical to the D It uses the same New features in the D include the presence of SnapBridge, a new timelapse mode and a new kit lens. It is even smaller than the D

Nikon VS Canon Which To Buy: The ULTIMATE Battle

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